What is LoanerStatus.com?

LoanerStatus is a spot where we compile the best deals on loaner cars.

If you’re looking into buying a loaner car from top and reliable brands, we’ve simplified the process for you! You can locate high-end loaner cars with big discounts all across the country through our website. Whether you’re searching for a BMW loaner lease, or a Mercedes loaner car, we find them all! We direct you straight to where the cars are listed: you can search by clicking the Make or Makes you’re looking for, search by location or Dealership, or even ZIP for easy access. If you click on a dealership site that doesn’t show any cars, it just means that there currently isn’t any inventory. If you check back again later, they may have additional cars posted. Also, check out our Deals section for photos of listed cars as well as the Market Price and Savings you keep by leasing it! The cars listed on the Deals section or at each respective dealership do not stay on the market long because of the big savings, so if you’re curious about a car or cars, reach out immediately! If you’re curious what a loaner car is or why you can save a lot from buying a loaner or leasing a loaner car, check out our FAQ.


What is a loaner car?

A loaner car, sometimes also called a courtesy vehicle, is a car that a dealership lends to a customer because the customer’s car is currently receiving service from the dealership or is for some other reason currently unavailable. As a courtesy, most dealerships offer loaner cars or courtesy vehicles to their customers so they have something to drive while their current car is inoperable or being serviced. These cars are typically newer models (last year), stay on the lot when not being used, and are well-maintained because they are only used for business purposes. Due to their newer status and that most are only in rotation for a year or less, loaner cars are monitored closely when given to customers and are used for only short periods of time. 

After a loaner car or courtesy vehicle has accumulated a certain amount of miles or use, some dealerships will post these cars for sale in their used inventories. These cars, because they’re not truly new, are often listed at much cheaper than the market price even though they have been kept in great condition and have very low miles. This is the opportunity for great savings and that’s where we come in! Loanerstatus.com makes it easy to find all the loaner cars around the country in one place. Search by make, dealership or zip, or even just browse the deals section to see loaner cars that have all been kept in superb condition with little use, at a cost that is much cheaper than market price!

What is the difference between a loaner car and demo vehicle?

A demo, or demonstrator vehicle, is a car that has been driven by the dealership or customers to “demo” the car; often when you take a car out on a test run if you’re considering buying it, it is a demo vehicle. Similar to loaner cars, these cars typically stay on the lot, are well-maintained and serviced, and see mild use. Demonstrator cars are also cars that have never been registered within their state of use because once they are, they are considered used. Car manufacturers obligate dealerships to sell demo vehicles as “like-new” because they have been used as loaners or demo vehicles. 

Thus, the cars you see listed on Loanerstatus may be a loaner car/courtesy vehicle or a demo vehicle; regardless, they are cars that have been very well-kept and have seen little to no use.

Why are loaner cars good deals?

Buying or leasing a loaner car can save you thousands upon thousands of dollars. As most loaners are the latest models of the most popular brands, and that every car we list on the deals portion of the site has at a minimum of 10% savings (with many exceeding 15-20% in savings from the market price), you can save BIG on beautiful, exotic, or simply reliable cars. You can use the website to find a BMW loaner lease, to Jaguar and Porsche, or even Volkswagen loaners. Each of the loaner cars that are listed are guaranteed to be in like-new condition due to what the cars are originally used for: business purposes for the dealership or brief loaners for customers. These cars are usually serviced in-between every use, and only see use for a year before being rotated out and put up for sale. But because these cars have been previously used, however lightly that may be, the manufacturer forces dealerships to sell them as like-new, which nets you all the savings!

You will likely never see a loaner car listed that has more than 8,000 miles with most not exceeding 5,000, and combining this with the impeccable condition most of these cars are in, there’s no reason not to buy or lease a loaner car!

What if I click on a link and there’s no car, is the link broken?

No! If you click on a dealership, the “View Loaners” button, or click on a car in the Deals section and there is no car listed that just means that they no longer have any loaner inventory because someone has purchased them. These cars go fast because of the large savings and so if you’re interested in a car that you see, make sure to contact the dealership immediately! You can also sign up for our newsletter at https://loanerstatus.com/newsletter/ where you will be the first to be notified when new deals hit the market.